Hearts of Iron IV Jun 14, 2023

Paradox Interactive

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Lead your nation to victory in the latest installment of Paradox Interactive's grand strategy series, Hearts of Iron IV. Set during World War II, players take command of a nation and have control over military units, scientific research, politics, and the economy. While the game offers a wealth of historical detail, the outcome of history is not set in stone.

Hearts of Iron IV offers a complex strategy system that keeps players engaged and entertained. The game can start in either 1936 or 1939, allowing players to build up their nation's economy and prepare for war. Players can choose from a wide range of nations involved in the conflict, from major powers like Germany, the USA, and the Soviet Union to lesser-known combatants like Abyssinia, Estonia, or Brazil.

Victory requires careful planning and attention to detail. Players must deploy their armies, fleets, and air units strategically, while also managing economic and political policies through a system of maps and menus. The game's world consists of over 10,000 areas, each affected by climate, weather, and the cycle of day and night. These factors play a crucial role in battles, just like in real-world conflicts.

But war is not just about military tactics. It also involves manufacturing and shipping resources to the front lines. Mastering the game's political and economic systems is essential for keeping your forces fighting longer and more effectively. Large-scale economic and political plans are represented by focus trees, which set the overall direction of the country. Major nations like Britain or Germany have their own unique focus trees.

Hearts of Iron IV is a game that requires time and dedication to fully appreciate its flexibility and comprehensiveness. If you enjoy alternative-history World War II games and have the time to spare, this game is definitely worth exploring.

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